ATS : New Mexico DLC

Finally a new state was added to American Truck Sim : New Mexico. Drive east from Arizona and you can drive to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Roswell and other cities ;). It’s one of the games best DLC (including ETS2), very nice eye for details, and added a lot of fun things and stuff to see along the way. But it’s still ATS, in which you can drive across an entire state in like 15mins …

Anyway, I streamed the game last sunday, it was quite fun. You can check the video either on twitch or on Youtube !

Copenhagen Revisited

In this new video we visit Copenhagen again. I totally forgot I had already been there in August last year. That was quite a few versions ago, and without Promods. So I hope it’s still enjoyable. The mods are the usual ones, you can see the list in the screenshot below.

ETS2 Copenhagen Mods

ETS2 Copenhagen Mods